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Les femmes dans l’espace, rencontre du deuxième type (Le Monde)

Sally Ride, la première Américaine à avoir été dans l’espace, est morte lundi 23 juillet. Cette “héroïne nationale”, qui a “inspiré des générations de jeunes filles”, a rappelé Barack Obama en lui rendant hommage, s’était envolée pour la première fois … Continue reading

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FINALITY OF THE MOMENT: The shuttle program is over (William Harwood CBS)

By the light of a waning moon, the shuttle Atlantis fell back to Earth Thursday, dropping out of predawn darkness to close out NASA’s 135th and final shuttle voyage, a long-awaited — and long-dreaded — milestone marking the end of … Continue reading

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Liberty project: BBC/Amos analysis

“The Liberty rocket and the ‘genetics’ of human spaceflight” I wondered how long it would take before we saw Europe’s biggest space company, Astrium, step into the race to develop a follow-on to the soon-to-be retired space shuttle.

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NASA considers unique photo op during Discovery mission (CBS)

NASA managers, engineers and contractors met Friday for a program-level review of the shuttle Discovery’s ground processing and readiness to launch Feb. 24 on a long-delayed space station assembly mission. An executive-level fight readiness review is planned for Feb. 18.

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Shuttle booster + Ariane = Liberty (SFN)

ATK and Astrium are joining the growing crowd of companies competing for a $200 million pot of NASA seed money to build a commercial vehicle to haul astronauts and cargo to space, proposing to combine proven U.S. and European rockets … Continue reading

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2011 sera l’année des “lanceurs” pour l’ESA (AFP)

L’année 2011 sera celle des “lanceurs” pour l’Agence spatiale européenne (ESA) qui va disposer de trois fusées différentes, Ariane, Soyouz et Vega, sur la base guyanaise de Kourou, une “révolution” pour l’Europe, a déclaré vendredi son directeur général, Jean-Jacques Dordain.

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Musk ‘optimistic’ next Dragon flight will visit space station (SFN)

SpaceX did its best Wednesday to quiet critics and convince NASA the company is ready to deliver supplies to the International Space Station some time next year. The company launched a Falcon 9 rocket from Florida at 10:43 a.m. EST … Continue reading

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