Alcatel Alenia Space provide onboard equipment Soyuz-Fregat launchers

Alcatel Alenia Space PRESS RELEASE 22.6.2006

Paris, June 22, 2006 – Alcatel Alenia Space announced today that it will
provide subsystems for the complete safeguard chain of Soyuz-Fregat rockets
to be launched from the Guiana Space Center in Kourou.

This contract includes the development and manufacturing of the BCA
(“Boîtier de Commutation et d’Alimentation”, the switching & power feeder
unit), as well as electronic ground equipment for tests and the reception
of the safeguard subsystem that will be delivered to the Samara TsSKB
Progress (Russia) Space Center, where the stages of the Soyuz are
manufactured. In case of emergency, the BCA will ensure neutralization of
the launcher by engine shutdown, leaving Soyuz in a ballistic trajectory.

Jean Horanieh, CEO of Alcatel Alenia Space in Belgium said: “Alcatel Alenia
Space is delighted to have been awarded this contract by CNES and
Arianespace for the launches of Soyuz-Fregat from Kourou. It reinforces our
role as worldwide provider of onboard launcher electronics.”

Alcatel Alenia Space is already the largest supplier of onboard electronics
for Ariane 5 rockets. In each Ariane 5, Alcatel Alenia Space provides six
different types of equipment, among them, the BCS (“Boîtier de Commande
Sauvegarde”, the safeguard control unit), which issues destruction orders
to the rocket in the event of a problem or bad trajectory during launch.

The first launch of Soyuz-Fregat in Kourou is scheduled for 2008.

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