Feb 25, 2006

The Germany prosecutors office said the two men “were occupied in recent months with shopping for control components for projectiles, equipment for the production of European Ariane IV launch vehicle rockets, military radio and night-vision equipment” and other items for mullahs of Iran.

Yousef P. appears to be an intelligence agent and Joseph Edward G. was “one of his most significant contacts in Germany” who had connections with a number of other people in Germany whom he — the middleman — involved in his procurement efforts, the prosecutors said.

Last month, German federal prosecutors formally charged two German citizens with espionage in a separate case for helping an unidentified foreign intelligence agency acquire dual-use missile technology.

A German official familiar with the case said the country involved was Iran.

The prosecutors are also in contact with the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna as they investigate German involvement in a nuclear black market that supplied Iran, Libya and North Korea with uranium enrichment technology that can be used to produce fuel for nuclear power plants or weapons.

Some of the men who helped Iran get uranium enrichment technology could be charged with treason, EU diplomats familiar with the investigation told Reuters earlier this month.

Iran has a conventional missile programme but denies both seeking to arm these weapons with nuclear warheads and wanting nuclear weapons at all.

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